Oily Water Seprators

Ship Supply Solutions is well experience in providing solutions for bilge water treatment has incorporated the latest technology to ensure that their Oily Water Separators comply with IMO regulation MEPC 107 (49) introduced in January 2005.
Ship Supply Solutions can offer two Oily Water Separator models which use unique design features to set a standard above the rest:
• No high speed moving parts which result in less maintenance and lower costs
• No delicate expensive membranes
• No hazardous chemicals, cleaning cycles or back-washing
• Using unique AGM granular media refined to adsorb 60% of its weight in oil contaminants – increases the life of consumables minimising costs and maximising uptime
• Fully Type Approved by Class Societies
• Achieve less than 1ppm oil content under all stringent IMO tests
• Simple operation requires no training for staff
Victor Marine maintain a worldwide network of agents who can provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service. For example, installation, commissioning, technical support, servicing and spares.

The RWO SKIT/S-DEB Oily Water Separators and TD-107 Oil Content Monitors have been engineered for marine environments and have excellent operational service records in various commercial fleets. RWO’s oily water separator units are designed to operate automatically and monitor and adjust to shipboard oily waste conditions. RWO’s INTELLIGENT OWS discharge system continuously checks the water quality from the 1st stage coalescer and if it’s within mandated limits, the 2nd stage emulsion filter is bypassed.

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